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Bayside Meats

Bayside Meats is a specialist retailer in Lower Sandy Bay that always has something of interest in the enticing display fridges. We are very lucky in Hobart to have four excellent meat retailers that ensure that if we want a particular cut of meat then we know that one of […]

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Shake a Leg Jr

Shake a Leg Jr is a very good café serving excellent coffee (try the High Beam blend) and tasty pastries (Pigeon Whole Bakery, of course) in Moonah which is an outer suburb of Hobart where many young hipsters are moving to take advantage of slightly more affordable housing. The café […]

Stillwater entrance
Launceston Restaurants

Stillwater Restaurant

♥♥ Stillwater Restaurant has been a stalwart of the Launceston restaurant scene for many years. They have maintained their impeccable standards of food and service over this period and walking in there now you still feel the energy that is a hallmark of this place. During that time it has […]

Apiece Harvest Market
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Apiece Sourdough Bakery

Apiece Sourdough Bakery produces fantastic, real sourdough in an unassuming space in an unassuming shopping mall in Ravenswood which is a suburb of Launceston. However it is now on our must-visit list for the wonderful loaves of bread, the pizza slices and the pastries that are lovingly made here. We […]


The benefits of fermentation

This article was first authored by Sue Dyson and Roger McShane in 2009 and published on the site. It has been updated for the release of to reflect the vibrant fermenting culture occurring in Tasmania over the last few years. We all love fermented foods! Sushi would be […]