We deliberately make Organic a category because we try to seek out places where we know they use organic produce. The reason is that the more we learn about the consequences of eating food that has been sprayed with systemic chemicals the more we realise the long term deleterious consequences on our health.


Fork it Farm: Pork Products

Daniel and Kim Croker have established the 25 hectare Fork it Farm near Lebrina in the state’s north. Here they raise pigs ethically and create very tasty pork products. They have relocated from Brisbane where Daniel worked as a scientist at Queensland University (he has a doctorate in biomedical science) […]

Felds Farm towards Mt Arthur

Felds Farm: Great Vegetables

Lauren and Michael Layfield set up Felds Farm on dry land near Bagdad in the south and came to the attention of food lovers for the quality of their vegetables and for their crusty loaves of sourdough bread that they sold at the Bream Creek Market. But this part of […]

Willie Smith's Apple Shed

Willie Smith’s Apple Shed: Organic Cider

The Apple Shed is a bar, a café and a museum dedicated to the history and future of apples in the Huon Valley and also to apple cider – a particular passion of the owners Andrew Smith and Sam Reid who produce the Willie Smith’s Organic Cider range. The bar […]

Tamar Valley Organic – great walnuts

Tamar Valley Organic is a producer of the best walnuts in Tasmania. They are soft and creamy with strong shells that keep them fresh. There are approximately 1900 walnut trees planted on about 5 hectares which are now 15 years old. We buy them from Michelle and Paul at the […]

Unpacked entrance

Unpacked: Organics in Kingston

Unpacked is still operating but the times of opening have changed. At the time of writing this they are not open on Sundays and are starting later at 9am on the other days. Check their informative Facebook page for the latest details.

Blackhearts and Sparrows

Blackhearts & Sparrows

Blackhearts & Sparrows has a carefully selected array of interesting wines from Australia and beyond. It is wonderful to have a place where the wines are selected based on their provenance and not just a race to the bottom in the price stakes. You can always find something interesting from […]


Provenance Growers – Vegetables and Herbs

♥♥♥ Due to the COVID-19 lockdown Paulette and Matt are only supplying their vegetables and other produce through their stand in Betts Rd, Nieka. It is only about fifteen minutes from Hobart and well worth the drive to avail yourself of the sheer quality of the products on sale here. […]

Long Name Farm

Long Name Farm

Long Name Farm is a free range, heritage breed pig producer run by Phil Outtram and his partner Selina at Little Swanport on Tasmania’s beautiful East Coast. The farm now supports Wessex Saddleback, Berkshire and Tamworth heritage breed sows and Berkshire boars on the 18 hectare property. The pigs are […]