North West

As you drive west from Launceston, you enter the North West Coast region between Hagley and Westbury. Key towns are Deloraine, Devonport, Ulverstone, Burnie, Wynyard and Smithton with Stanley and Sheffield being places with interesting tourism opportunities. While there are some interesting food experiences emerging in this region you need to choose carefully.

Kindred Organics

Kindred Organics

Kindred Organics is a producer of organic quinoa in Tasmania. Henriette and Lauran Damen grow this versatile seed on their 250 hectare organic farm at Kindred.

Avoland Avocados

Avoland: Cool Climate Avocados

Avoland is the cool climate avocado farm established in Tasmania’s north-west coast region by Paul and Maria Bidwell and now owned by Brad Sperling from Queensland. We were delighted when we received this news because we had always enjoyed the avocados grown by Dick Shaw of Spreyton Avocados nearby, but […]


Anvers Chocolates

Igor van Gerwen’s House of Anvers has something for everybody. Garden lovers will be enthralled by the sweeping gardens full of interesting trees. Those in search of a snack and a coffee can take advantage of the outdoor tables to savour their experience. Those interested in the history and practice […]


Red Cow Organics

Red Cow Organics (originally called Red Cow Dairies) is run by recent arrivals to Tasmania, Matt and Andy Jackman of Oldina in the north west of the state. Here they milk a herd of Aussie Red cows on their 155 hectare farm. They have built their own factory where they […]


Fundamental Espresso Bar

♥ Fundamental Espresso Bar in Devonport is a great place to enjoy a properly made espresso (from the gleaming, white La Marzocco machine) or any other style of coffee you prefer. The welcome is very friendly, the music is good, chosen from the large vinyl collection behind the coffee machine, […]

Seven Springs Farm Harvest Market

Seven Springs Farm

♥♥ Seven Springs Farm is an organic producer of vegetables run by Wouter and Elyse Sels in remote Lorinna on Tasmania’s North-West Coast. Lorinna lies about twenty kilometres south of Gowrie Park in the upper reaches of the Forth River Valley. It is an excellent place to practice organic agriculture […]

Elgaar Farm Gate Market

Elgaar Farm: Great Dairy Products

♥♥♥ Elgaar Dairy Farm is a shining example of what can be achieved through organic farm practices. The Gretschmann family produces milk from their Jersey cows with cream that sits proudly in the mouth of each old-fashioned glass milk bottle. They farm totally organically and never use pesticides, fungicides or […]

Hazelnuts growing

Mount Roland Organic Hazelnuts

Mount Roland Hazelnuts at Sheffield is operated by Elizabeth Dale and Greg Taylor. It is now the largest hazelnut farm on the North West Coast and one of the few organic and biodynamic hazelnut producers in Tasmania. The farm is set in a beautiful area under the shadow of rugged […]

The Grain Family Green Lentils

Tasmanian Green Lentil Curry

This is an easy-to-make curry that relies on handling the spices carefully to get the right balance into the curry. Tasmanian green lentils are the perfect vehicle for the flavours for this dish. These are grown by The Grain Family in Moltema on Tasmania’s North-West coast not too far from […]