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Coffee Scene

Tasmania’s Vibrant Coffee Scene

Tasmania’s Coffee Scene – Introduction During the long period that we have been monitoring the food and drinks scene in Tasmania we have noticed both good and bad developments. Bad things that have happened include the increased use of systemic sprays in the agricultural sector which cause harm to our […]

Special flours – Interesting and healthy alternatives

Tasmania is lucky to have access to a wide range of local, fresh, special flours from a variety of grains that provide an alternative to conventional wheat flour. This article explores a few of these alternative special flours that are either grown in Tasmania or that are used here to […]

Food and wine matching

The art and science of food and wine matching is evolving. This is partly due to a new understanding of the interplay between certain wines and certain foods and an explosion in the variety of wines made from grapes never before seen outside the obscure regions. The past few years […]

The benefits of fermentation

This fermentation article was first authored by Sue Dyson and Roger McShane in 2009 and published on the site. It has been updated for the release of to reflect the vibrant fermenting culture occurring in Tasmania over the last few years. We all love fermented foods! Sushi would […]