Natural wine

We have included a category for natural wines because we know that many of our followers prefer to drink these wines and therefore we have included it to make it easy to find the places where natural wines are served.
We know that many people coming to Tasmania want to try local wines, but there are very few producers who are committed to producing wines naturally.

Blackhearts and Sparrows

Blackhearts & Sparrows

Blackhearts & Sparrows has a carefully selected array of interesting wines from Australia and beyond. It is wonderful to have a place where the wines are selected based on their provenance and not just a race to the bottom in the price stakes. You can always find something interesting from […]

Sonny wine menu

Sonny: A wine bar

♥ Corona Update Sonny has changed their model following the Corona shutdown. They still allow some takeaways, but are now operating as a full service bar/restaurant which reduces their ability to provide takeaways. Now it’s a highly personalised dining experience for just 10 people (tables of 2 only), book in […]


Tom McHugo’s – A local treasure

♥♥♥ We are happy to report that Tom McHugo’s has been providing Hobartians with takeaway dishes for most of the lockdown. When they reopened with the mandatory maximum of ten customers we were there in the first week. And now there is another innovation with the room on the Macquarie […]


Templo – Italian inspired

♥ Templo is a tiny restaurant on the outskirts of the CBD that is offering a takeaway menu during the lockdown. Takeaway dishes can be picked up on Wednesday – Monday from 5pm to 9pm but you should call to order first on 6134 7659. The menu varies but you […]


Dier Makr

♥♥♥ Dier Makr has not been operating as a restaurant during the lockdown, but it is providing a wonderful service on Sunday mornings from 10am, where they serve baked goods such as kimchi croissants and much, much more in collaboration with Lucinda for takeaway bottles of wine. The review below […]



♥♥♥ During the shutdown Lucinda has evolved into a takeaway bottleshop, selling one of the best selections of natural wine in Tasmania. There are some real bargains to be had here. If you don’t know any of the labels but would like to try some natural wines just ask the […]