Fresh Flavour Farm

Fresh Flavour Farm – Stunning Fruit and Vegetables

Fresh Flavour Farm – Introduction This is the sign to look for each Sunday morning for some of the best fruit and vegetables we have seen at the local markets. We have been delighted to peruse the offerings from this stall in the short time it has been appearing at […]

Organic producers

Best organic producers in Tasmania

Organic producers This page is dedicated to highlighting the best organic producers and produce in Tasmania. Why have we restricted ourselves to organic produce? Well, we have explained that elsewhere on this site (here) where we give the reasons why we spend a lot of time searching for organic produce […]


Rough Rice – Amazing Ferments

♥♥♥ Rough Rice is the business of Adam James who makes some of the most stunning ferments on the planet. Whether it be miso, turmeric, broad beans, carrots or anything else he can lay his hands on, the products he loads into his array of large crocks become sublime accompaniments […]