Providence Farm Stall: An Enticing Cafe

Providence Farm Stall Introduction Note: Please check whether they are open before you head here. They posted recently that they are closing for a while to complete some renovations. Providence Farm Stall The venue has morphed into a pleasant café run by Victor and Santie Morgado where the food is […]


Strait Off the Boat: Great Fish and Chips

A note about fish and chips Fresh fish and chips should be a hallmark of the Tasmanian tourism experience. The island is surrounded by cool ocean waters that harbour many different species of fish and potatoes are a favourite vegetable grown in all parts of the state. The problem is […]


The Wharf: Great Fish and Chips

The Wharf Fish and Chips at The Gulch in Bicheno is one of the most beguiling places to eat fresh fish and chips in Tasmania. All the fish is fresh and you can choose the piece you would like them to cook. You can even gorge on a freshly cooked […]


Tasmanian Food & Wine Conservatory

♥ Tasmanian Food & Wine Conservatory The Tasmanian Food & Wine Conservatory is a serene, comfortable venue serving the best of Tasmania’s organic produce both in the form of very tasty lunches and takeaway products. There are shared tables in the centre of the room and smaller tables as well […]