We deliberately make Organic a category because we try to seek out places where we know they use organic produce. The reason is that the more we learn about the consequences of eating food that has been sprayed with systemic chemicals the more we realise the long term deleterious consequences on our health.

Hazelnuts growing

Mount Roland Organic Hazelnuts

Mount Roland Hazelnuts at Sheffield is operated by Elizabeth Dale and Greg Taylor. It is now the largest hazelnut farm on the North West Coast and one of the few organic and biodynamic hazelnut producers in Tasmania. The farm is set in a beautiful area under the shadow of rugged […]

Whispering Spirit Farm Shed

Whispering Spirit Farm

As you drive north from Franklin to Huonville in Tasmania’s pretty Huon Valley you will see a sign to Whispering Spirit which is both accommodation and a productive farm. Turn left and head up the hill. You will soon come to a gravel road. Keep going. After a bit over […]

The Grain Family Green Lentils

Tasmanian Green Lentil Curry

This is an easy-to-make curry that relies on handling the spices carefully to get the right balance into the curry. Tasmanian green lentils are the perfect vehicle for the flavours for this dish. These are grown by The Grain Family in Moltema on Tasmania’s North-West coast not too far from […]

Longley Organic Farm Tasmania

Longley Organic Farm

Longley Organic Farm is a small producer of very good vegetables just south of Hobart, but in a pristine area on the slopes of Mt Wellington where the cold winters help in the production of hardy vegetables with great flavour. They have a small farm-gate outlet at the farm where […]

Rocky Top Farm

Rocky Top Farm – Organic Vegetables

♥♥♥ Rocky Top Farm is a certified organic producer of high quality heirloom vegetables at Penna in Tasmania’s south in between Richmond and Penna. The farm takes advantage of rich clay soils derived from the Jurassic dolerite which is widespread in central Tasmania. Approximately 2 hectares are given over to […]