Best organic producers in Tasmania

Organic producers

This page is dedicated to highlighting the best organic producers and produce in Tasmania. Why have we restricted ourselves to organic produce? Well, we have explained that elsewhere on this site (here) where we give the reasons why we spend a lot of time searching for organic produce so that we are not subjected to the residues of systemic sprays which cannot be washed off the produce.

Felds Farm – Organic Vegetables

Felds Farm is an organic producer of extraordinary vegetables with a farm in the Tamar Valley and another they use in the south which is owned by organic guru Tony Scherer. Here they grow amazing pink eye potatoes that have a density and flavour that can only be appreciated by trying them out. We had some recently at Tom McHugo’s in Hobart which were just sensational! They also grow a complete range of other vegetables that are also very high quality including silver beet, carrots, a range of lettuces, spring onions, peas and much more.

Their produce lasts for ages after it has been picked due to the internal structure it develops due to the organic nature of the soil it grows in. You can buy regular supplies of their vegetables which they dispense in Hobart at Hamlet once a week. Felds Farm is run by Lauren Byrne and Mike Layfield. They have recently engaged biodynamic guru Nadia onto their team as well! They have a good Instagram site here.

Provenance Growers – Organic Vegetables and Plants

For many years we have been buying vegetables, herbs and plants from this wonderful organic producer perched high on the edge of kunanyi. Paulette and Matt are passionate about everything they do on their small property here and the resultant produce is of the highest quality. We love their flavoursome radishes and their amazing potatoes to name just two examples of their produce. We also like grilling their flavoursome peppers over a coal fire. You can read more about them on their Web site here. You can read our full entry for them on this site here.

Broom and Brine – Organic Vegetables

We get a fortnightly box of beautiful vegetables from Broom and Brine which they deliver to your door in large, sturdy bins. Broom and Brine is an organic producer run by Grace Gamage and Dylan Lehmann. Their program is so popular that they are currently not taking on any new customers, however you can check on their Web site if you would like to know when a vacancy occurs. We also like the fact that there is lots of useful information about what they do on their Web site here. You can read our entry on this Web site here.

Jilly Grows – Blueberries

There is a range of blueberry organic producers in Tasmania, including Jilly Grows at Petcheys Bay, Bloobs at Gardners Bay (both near Cygnet) and Three Peaks Organics near Holwell in the Tamar Valley. You can read more about Jilly Grows here.

Elgaar Farm – Organic Dairy Products

Elgaar Farm is one of the longest running organic producers in Tasmania and one of the best. Their produce is always of the highest standard and their record of attendance at both northern and southern markets has been exemplary. We love their milk, cream, yoghurt and other dairy products such as their aged cheeses.

The Grain Family – Grain products

The Grain Family has been established by the next generation of the Elgaar Farm family. They make some of the best grain-based products you can find including an excellent porridge mix, some wonderfully fresh flour, and grains such as khorasan, spelt, rye and wheat. You can buy their products at the Launceston market on Saturday and the Hobart market on Sunday.

Seven Springs Farm – Excellent Vegetables

Seven Springs Farm is an organic producer of vegetables run by Wouter and Elyse Sels in remote Lorinna on Tasmania’s North-West Coast. Lorinna lies about twenty kilometres south of Gowrie Park in the upper reaches of the Forth River Valley.

Seven Springs Farm is an excellent place to practice organic agriculture since there are no other farms in the immediate vicinity that use systemic sprays which might drift onto their property. We particularly look for their cardoons which are always delicious and it is quite rare to see them in Australia. However all their vegetables are equally delicious. You can read more here.

Tongola Cheese – Organic cheeses

Tongola Cheese comes from a wonderful farm near Copping in the south-east of Tasmania where Kate and Iain Field raise their animals with tender care. We are particular fans of their Curdy goat cheese which is made without the addition of salt, however all their cheese is flavoursome and made with great skill. You can read more here.

Agrarian Kitchen – Production garden

We have included the Agrarian Kitchen Garden here even though they don’t sell to the public except through the meals that they serve in their famous restaurant. However, it is an amazing garden and they do provide organised tours for the public at the weekends which are very popular. The garden is maintained by three very committed gardeners, Mitch, Josh and Otto who know heaps about organic gardening including how to manage the soil. If you are interested in organic gardening a tour through this garden is well worth the investment.

Fresh Flavour Farm – Perfect Fruit and Vegetables

The appearance of this producer at the Sunday market in Hobart has attracted a long queue with eager shoppers wanting to buy their perfect tomatoes, figs, peppers, cucumbers and other in-season produce. We can highly recommend everything on their stall.

We will be adding more prganic producers over the coming weeks including:

  • Kelty Farm
  • Fork It Farm
  • Fat Carrot Farm
  • Valley Fresh Farm