Provenance Growers – Great Vegetables and Herbs


Provenance Growers – Introduction

Provenance Growers is run by passionate growers Paulette Whitney and her partner Matt Deakin. Together they sell the most amazing array of high quality vegetables, herbs and flowers to leading restaurants and direct to the public at Salamanca Market on Saturday mornings.

The service they provide is very important. The fact that they are growing their vegetables high in the slopes of kunanyi using organic practices is testament to their tenacity and commitment.

Their practices also have an effect that is not acknowledged enough. The vegetables that they produce are very strong and they last a long time after being picked as opposed to the non-organic vegetables supplied to many of the larger stores and supermarket which have a very short shelf life due to the rapid growth enforced by fertilisers and their inability to get take in the necessary elements from the soil due to the damaging effect of systemic sprays.

Provenance Growers
The produce menu at Provenance Growers
The produce including oca tubers, padron peppers, tomatoes and more
The padron peppers grilling over an open fire

Provenance Growers supply many of the interesting herbs and vegetables used by Tasmania’s leading restaurants including Dier Makr and The Source. And many of the things they decide to grow are quite different to mainstream offerings.

We have been delighted with the sheer quality and freshness of their rats tail radishes and blue and red potatoes that are dense like potatoes of old before irrigation and fertilisers became widely used. They also grow purple carrots and warrigal greens and salsify and delicious artichokes. Flowers include hyssop and borage (white and blue) and shungiku as well.

At the Salamanca Market they also sell a range of value-added products as well as their vegetables and herbs. If you are really lucky you might also be able to buy a carton of their sensational eggs with deeply-yellow yolks.

Additional information

Street: Betts Rd

Town/Suburb: Nieka, 7054

Opening hours: Salamanca Market on Saturday mornings

You can read a recipe for a soup made from their radish and turnip tops by clicking on the link below:

Radish and turnip top soup