breü broth – wonderful bone broth

breü broth – Introduction

Many of our stories on this site follow pleasant experiences in restaurants, bars or food shops. We have definitely been fortunate over the many years that we have been maintaining this site and it is one of the longest running food sites on the Internet having commenced in 1996 when there were very few sites dedicated to food and drinks.

We provide this preamble because our recommendation for the bone broth from breü broth is the result of something very different. Two years ago Roger was diagnosed with cancer and the drugs he was prescribed initially caused him to be very ill and unable to eat solid foods.

This coincided with Jamie Yates, a local chef, starting her bone broth business and selling it as breü broth. This broth became a mainstay for Roger while he underwent the initial treatment that was prescribed. It was easy to digest and full of goodness and never caused him any problems.

breü broth

He is still taking the drugs which have worked extremely well over the past 18 months and now he uses the broth for pleasure rather than as a necessity. It is delicious and it is a provider of goodness!

We have also developed some recipes for using this lovely broth which we will gradually add to this page as we get the time to do so.

You can order the broth from Jamie here.