Leap Farm: Tongola Cheese

Leap Farm was created in 2012 by Iain and Kate Field to raise free-range Toggenburg goats and cattle using bio-dynamic, regenerative farming methods. It is situated between Copping and Bream Creek in Southern Tasmania.

They sell their products at the Bream Creek Farmers Market including their very popular goat curry.

They have also taken over the very good Tongola brand and are producing all of the current products for that brand based on milk from their dairy goats.

You can sometimes buy their goat products from the Huon Valley Meat Company in Hobart.

Leap Farm at Bream Creek Market
Leap Farm at Bream Creek Market

Additional information

Street: 106 Bryans Road

Town/Suburb: Copping, 7174

Phone number: +61 427 355 879

Web site: www.leapfarm.com.au

The have an interesting podcast about regenerative farming on their Web site which you can find by clicking on the link below.

Leap Farm