The Grain Family – High Quality Flour and Grains

Grain Family – Introduction

The Grain Family has carved out a clever niche market growing interesting grains such as spelt and selling grain products and flours made from those grains.

Their products include spelt, blue barley, oats, wheat, green lentils and khorosan (also known by the trademarked name kamut). 

Their products are available on Saturdays at the Harvest Launceston market through the Elgaar stand and at the Sunday Harvest Feast Market in Hobart.

We really enjoy their products, especially the flours because they are milled every week to ensure absolute freshness.

You can also order their products online at the following link:

Online ordering

They also use the flours to make some excellent pasta products which you can also order online.

Additional information

Street: 414 Railton Rd

Town/Suburb: Moltema, 7304

Phone: +61 408 393 898

Opening: Saturday at Harvest Launceston, Sunday at Harvest Feast, Hobart