Westbae Pastoral

Not many people have heard of the town of Nook in Tasmania’s north-west coast region. It is quite close to the coastal side of Sheffield on the rolling green hills fanning out from below the imposing rock-crowded pinnacle of Mount Roland. Well, that is where Westbae Pastoral is situated on this beautiful farming land.

It is home to Josh and Patreena West who settled on around 30 hectares here in 2009. They have since expanded their farm to some 80 hectares and they are maintaining a herd of around 60 Hereford cattle, and, more recently, some Copworth ewes.

Josh and Patreena also supplement their income by selling hens eggs under the Nook Chook label. We are able to buy these flavoursome beauties at Eumarrah in Hobart.

Nook Choook eggs from Westbase Pastoral

You can find more information about Westbae Pastoral on their Instagram site.