Red Cow Organics: Great dairy products

Red Cow Organics (originally called Red Cow Dairies) is run by recent arrivals to Tasmania, Matt and Andy Jackman of Oldina in the north west of the state. Here they milk a herd of Aussie Red cows on their 155 hectare farm. They have built their own factory where they produce milk in recycled bottles as well as various types of cheese.

Red Cow Organics
The previous sign on the gate

We drove to their remote farm from the coastal town of Wynyard where we passed through a slice of north west farming history. We started just outside Wynyard with low lying plains with mixed farming being the order of the day. We then moved higher to the incredibly rich red basalt soils that defines the north west region.

These incredibly fertile soils have been the mainstay of the region forever. However pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers have now degraded these magnificent red rolling hills. So it is great to see farms such as Red Cow Organics eschewing chemicals and returning to a more sustainable way of farming.

Red Cow Organics cheese products include a Mozarella and soft-ripened cheeses such as their triple cream brie style cheese. They also produce quark, tilsit, Persian fetta and Gruyere.

Their products are available through Harvest Feast at the Salamanca Market as well as the various Hill Street outlets.

Additional information

Street: 249 Lowries Rd

Town/Suburb: Oldina, 7325

Phone number: +61 439 366 349

Opening hours: By appointment