Hobart is the epicentre of Tasmania’s food culture. It is here that you find many of the most interesting restaurants, food shops, bars and markets. Visitors can now spend many days visiting different venues to experience excellent cooking using great produce from nearby organic, cool-climate farms.
Another advantage that Hobart provides in addition to the laid-back lifestyle is the compactness of the city. Most of the Hobart venues mentioned in this guide are within walking distance of the centre of the city.

Spice World Bank Arcade Hobart

Spice World: A local treasure

Spice World is a star on the Hobart food scene. Those in the know come here for the vast range of spices that are now available. If you about to prepare a dish and suddenly find that you are out of ajwan seeds or your asafoetida powder is past its […]


Bayside Meats

Bayside Meats is a specialist retailer in Lower Sandy Bay that always has something of interest in the enticing display fridges. We are very lucky in Hobart to have four excellent meat retailers that ensure that if we want a particular cut of meat then we know that one of […]


Shake a Leg Jr

Shake a Leg Jr is a very good café serving excellent coffee (try the High Beam blend) and tasty pastries (Pigeon Whole Bakery, of course) in Moonah which is an outer suburb of Hobart where many young hipsters are moving to take advantage of slightly more affordable housing. The café […]

Blackhearts and Sparrows

Blackhearts & Sparrows

Blackhearts & Sparrows has a carefully selected array of interesting wines from Australia and beyond. It is wonderful to have a place where the wines are selected based on their provenance and not just a race to the bottom in the price stakes. You can always find something interesting from […]


Pigeon Hole Cafe

♥ Pigeon Hole Cafe is run by Richard and Belinda Weston from Weston Farm. There is a new chef who was appointed after the departure of Steve Cumper to take on new challenges. Steve also played a very strong cake game and the display cabinet continues to be packed with […]

Wursthaus Kitchen

♥♥ The Wursthaus Kitchen just off Hobart’s Salamanca Place is a showcase for the best of the state’s produce and for the value-added products produced both on the premises and at the Wursthaus production facility at Cambridge. The range of pre-prepared dishes is impressive. In winter you will find cassoulet, […]

Vermey’s Quality Meats

♥♥ Vermey’s Quality Meats is an excellent butcher in Sandy Bay run by Marcus Vermey who took over the shop from his father. Marcus always has a great assortment of high-quality meat and good availability of less-easy-to-locate items such as offal. The staff are very friendly and always anxious to […]

Yellow Bernard

Yellow Bernard

♥♥♥ Corona Update Yellow Bernard reopened on the 25th May as a takeaway only venue but also with slightly more restrictive hours (7am – 2pm). We wish them well.