Rosie in My Midnight Dreams – Exciting new venue

Rosie in My Midnight Dreams – Introduction

The Brooke Street Pier was a great addition to the Hobart waterfront. It was a building of the right type (not too intrusive and not too garish) and it attracted some good tenants such as Aloft and the Glass House.

Now it has another winner, namely Rosie in My Midnight Dreams, which is just inside the front door and to the left as you walk in. There is a bar area and then three large shared wooden tables which provide comfortable seating. All have a view of the city and the Derwent River.

The Brooke Street Pier also acts as the place to catch the all-important ferry to the Mona Museum, so Rosie in My Midnight Dreams is a good place to have a coffee or glass of wine while you are waiting for the ferry to leave.

If you are not going to Mona, but would like to experience the beautiful Derwent River then there is another ferry that leaves from here regularly to cross over to Bellerive and back, which will give you amazing views of Nipaluna/Hobart and our wonderful kunanyi mountain.

Rosie in My Midnight Dreams – Food, drinks and music

Rosie in My Midnight Dreams is a pleasant place to go for a cup of good coffee or a snack or a glass of interesting wine at any time during the day or in the early evening. They open from Thursday through to Monday.

Rosie in My Midnight Dreams The team at work

We particularly like the toasties they do here – they make a very good three cheese toastie and the granola with fruit and yoghurt is also very nice. We usually accompany these at our breakfast forays with one or two espressos to get our caffeine levels up.

You can see what is available on the blackboard menu that is shown in the photo below.

Rosie in My Midnight Dreams blackboard menu

We also like the music, as could be expected from a team that has named the restaurant (we assume) after one of DJ Shadow’s creations. We can sit back and enjoy Neil Young’s “Journey Though the Past” or the rhythmic drumming on talented Sophie Hunger’s “LikeLikeLike” or Patti Smith’s “April Fool”, as a few recent examples.

We haven’t had lunch or been in for a glass of wine yet, but the wine selection looks interesting and the cakes, which are on display on the bar, look very tempting!

Rosie in My Midnight Dreams cake selection on the bar

Rosie in My Midnight Dreams is also featured in our story about dining in Hobart.

Additional information

Name: Rosie in My Midnight Dreams

Street: Brooke Street Pier

Town: Nipaluna/Hobart, 7000

Opening hours: 7:30am to 4:30pm Mon, Thu, 7:30am to 8pm Fri, 8:30am to 8pm Sat and 8:30am to 4:30pm Sun