Sweetwheat – Indulgent bread and pastries

Sweetwheat – Introduction

We were first alerted to this bakery in Perth by the staff at the Princes Square Bar where we often have our first coffee of the day when visiting Launceston.

We enjoyed the pastries that they served at the Princes Square Bar that were sourced from this bakery.

On subsequent visits to Sweetwheat’s Perth location we have enjoyed a range of their offerings including their naturally levened bread, their country loaf, vanilla slices, focaccia and croissants.

We have also admired their multi-layered chocolate mud cake and stollen.

Additional information

Name: Sweetwheat

Street: 57A Main Road

Suburb: Perth, 7300

Telephone: No phone

Opening hours: Wed – Sat dinner

You can find more information about this bakery on their Web site here.

You can see that we have included this venue in our story about Princes Square Bar in Launceston here.