Bream Creek Community Market Garden – Beautiful Organic Vegetables

Bream Creek Community Market Garden – Introduction

The Bream Creek Community Market Garden is a small stall on the side of Burnt Hill Road near Bream Creek in Tasmania’s south-east.

Community Market Garden
The Market Garden roadside Shed

We like the fact that the produce on sale here is organic although not necessarily certified as such. We think that this is fine provided there is some form of control over who can sell their produce here.

And when we think about some of the producers we have seen on their list such as George and Hillary from Saltwater River and Rocky Top Farm where the legendary Tony Scherer grows his amazing vegetables we know that they are doing the right thing.

You can see the list of producers on the chalk board inside the roadside shed where the vegetables are displayed.

The list of producers

There is a sign on the outside of the shed that provides further information including the “Always Local Always Organic” reassurance.

The outside sign

People often ask us why we favour organic produce and promote places that feature organic produce we have a simple answer. It is healthier. And more than that, there is now clear medical and scientific evidence which shows that residues from systemic sprays do significant harm to our bodies including the damaging of our all-important gut biome.

We will post an article that we are working on shortly which provides the evidence for our long-held belief about the need to avoid fruit and vegetables that have been sprayed with pesticides and herbicides and products such as wine that are made from sprayed grapes.

Additional information

Name: Bream Creek Community Market Garden

Street: 245 Burnt Hill Road

Town: Bream Creek, 7175


Opening hours: Daily

You can find out more about the Bream Creek Community Market Garden on their Facebook page:

Bream Creek Community Market Garden

You can read more about one of their suppliers here:

Rocky Top Farm