Hill Street Grocer – A Great Grocery Store

Hill Street Grocer – Introduction

The Hill Street Grocer occupies sparkling premises just along the street from where they started. This corner location sees larger premises, a homewares section, a large cheese room and cheese display and an expanded prepared foods section. You can even buy the famous Cat’s Tongue chocolates here.

Rather than the traditional weekly shopping excursion to a soul-less supermarket, locals drop into the Hill Street Grocer once or twice a day for their bread or fruit and vegetables or a bottle of premium Tasmanian wine or for some Greek-inspired pre-prepared dinner dishes from the large trays in the deli section.

The staff seems to know most people by name and there are lots of discussions about children, schools, businesses and other day-to-day happenings at the checkouts!

We are particularly impressed with the depth of the offerings and the care and attention to detail that is evident throughout the store.

Just stand and watch three or four staff constantly and continually refreshing the fruit and vegetable displays, making sure that every piece on display is perfect.

They also strongly support local growers with local potatoes and other vegetables always available. They also have a small section for organic produce such as the wonderful York Town Organics products.

And watch the staff in the deli section as they carefully ensure that it is the most spotless food service area imaginable. Others are constantly patrolling the shelves ensuring that stock is kept tidy and current.

A broad range of Tasmanian wines is also available.

Hill Street Grocer is one of the most ‘complete’ stores we know in terms of great produce and grocery items combined with willing and friendly staff.

We divide our visits between the store on the corner of Hill street in West Hobart and the newer store in Sandy Bay in among the University Buildings just off Churchill Avenue in TT Flynn St.

They also have many other stores throughout Tasmania.

Additional information

Street: cnr Hill St and Arthur St

Town/Suburb: West Hobart, 7000

Phone: +61 6234 3384

Opening: Daily