Hobart – Great Eating and Drinking

Hobart’s best venues

Hobart is a cool place to visit, especially for eating and drinking! Not only are there many excellent venues to visit, but, unlike larger cities like Melbourne and Sydney, it is possible to access most of the compulsory places to visit by walking!

We are very lucky in Hobart to have a number of bars within easy walking distance of the very centre of the CBD, each of which has a different focus.

A great place to start your tour of Hobart is the small bar in front of one of Hobart’s leading restaurants, Dier Makr. It is called Lucinda (think Tom Waits) and it is the perfect place to visit for either a quick snack and a glass of wine or to settle in for the evening.

Of course, no visit to Hobart would be complete without a meal at Dier Makr, but you have to book to make sure of your table as it is very popular and both the food and wine selections are of top quality. A meal we had here recently was exemplary. Hobart is very lucky to have three restaurants that are at the top of their game (Dier Makr, Fico and The Agrarian Kitchen Eatery) serving food that is always delicious but never pretentious!

In addition to Lucinda there is Tom McHugo’s pub where you can order a beer, but it could be a naturally fermented beer from the clever people at Two Metres Tall or a natural Australian, Italian or French wine from their deep selection. It is only one block from the central GPO.

It is also compulsory to have a meal at this venue. The food is the creation of Tom Westcott who is well known for his obsession with fermenting and sourcing fresh, organic vegetables from some of Tasmania’s best suppliers. The food here represents some of the best value in Tasmania and is a place we dine at often.

Just up the street is the fabulous and popular Fico which also caters for walk-ins at their bar where you can order a cocktail or a top end Burgundy if you feel like pushing the boat out. But make sure that you book for an evening meal here as the food is some of the best in Tasmania! Their risotto is exemplary.

A twenty minute walk to North Hobart sees you sitting at Willing Bros sipping one of Tasmania’s better wines or one of the interesting beers that are available, unless you happen upon tiny Sonny’s on your walk and drop in for a glass of well-chosen wine or three!

Of course, you might, after your visit to Willing Bros, slide across the road to the fabulous Sweet Envy where you can buy some of the best sweet items in Tasmania.

Another great venue on the fringe of the CBD is Templo which serves Italian accented food and an interesting selection of wine in their tiny venue. Make sure you book here as it is very popular.

If you head for the waterfront from the CBD then you might stumble upon another very cool bar, namely Institut Polaire which is a perfect place to try a cocktail based on local spirits or a wine from their impressive selection.

Another treasure on the waterfront is Lark Distillery which stocks around 250 premium whiskies, including the full Lark range of Tasmanian products. This is a very congenial venue that makes it almost too easy to relax and enjoy the libations available.

Many of the restaurants we have mentioned so far are either open for lunch and dinner or just dinner. This leaves the problem of breakfast and in-between!

We have three favourite places for breakfast. The first is Sunbear where the dishes are clever and very satisfying and the coffee good. Two blocks further away from the CBD is Hamlet which opens early and serves delicious food until early afternoon. You can also have a very good coffee and an excellent pastry at Pigeon Whole Café in Argyle St in the CBD, but be aware this place is insanely popular so you may have a short wait..

And not too far away, past the main Salamanca drag, there is Salamanca Cream that serves very good pastries and coffee as well as a range of ice creams and loaves of bread.

Hobart also has a vibrant coffee scene with venues such as Will Priestley’s Pilgrim Coffee and nearby, in the same street, Straight Up who roast their own specialty coffee providing locals with some of the best coffee available.

We also like Yellow Bernard also in the CBD.

If you do end up in Sandy Bay then make the walk worthwhile by checking out Vermey’s Butchery, one of the best in the state and Me Wah restaurant which has Yum Cha at the weekends at which the dumplings are well worth the walk!

And while all of these venues are within walking distance of each other, there are two places that you will have to hire a car or catch a taxi/Uber to visit.

No visit to Hobart is complete without a visit to The Agrarian Kitchen Eatery in New Norfolk which is a short drive from Hobart along the picturesque Derwent River. This is a perfect place for a weekend lunch in a beautiful dining room where you will be served some of the best food in Australia.

Not too far further along the Derwent is the bar operated on the property of the Two Metre Tall brewery. Here they turn out some of the best naturally fermented beers and ciders in Australia. Make sure you check which days they are open before you make the journey here.