Ashbrittle Farm: Free range eggs

Ashbrittle Farm produces pasture raised free range eggs in Tasmania’s beautiful Huon Valley. Their farm crouches below the stunning twin peaks known by locals as Sleeping Beauty.

The hens are free to roam and forage for food from the fields at a low 100 hens per hectare. Every week their mobile pens are moved to a new location.

The pastures on which they graze are tended organically and using regenerative techniques for the soil.

The weight of the eggs in each carton is over 700 grams so for recipe purposes you can assume that each egg is around the 60 to 65 gram mark. You will notice below that they proudly say “12 true free range eggs”.

Ashbrittle Farm free range eggs

We regularly buy them from Eumarrah in Hobart.

Additional information

Town/Suburb: Mountain River, 7109

Avaiability: Available at Eumarrah, Hobart

You can read more about Ashbrittle Farm by clicking on the link below:

Ashbrittle Farm