Huon Valley Meat Company: Great meat

We asked for pork belly

Huon Valley Meat Company background

The Huon Valley Meat Company in West Hobart had a difficult year in 2019 but it seems like they are back on track with new staff, a new approach through only using selected, named suppliers and longer opening hours.

They are buying whole beasts from fewer suppliers but being more strategic in their choices. Another advantage of this approach is that you can see the butchers breaking down the animals in view of the customers.

If you want a particular cut they are always willing to carve it off for you. We have asked for pigs throat for a terrine we were making and a lovely piece of fatty throat meat was provided. This cut called “gorge” in France has the perfect ration of meat to fat for making terrines.

We also like buying pork belly from Our Mate’s Farm in the Huon Valley. We then poach it in Asian Masterstock. We can then slice pieces off and fry them to a nice crispness to accompany salads or other dishes just like you would use bacon.

And there is some more good news in this regard. The Huon Valley Meat Company abattoir at Cradoc has achieved organic certification.

Huon Valley Meat Company producers

The producers used by Huon Valley Meat vary with the seasons. For example, veal comes from the Glen Huon Dairy in the form of breast of veal as well as veal chops and cutlets. Delicious rib eye, porterhouse (on the bone) and rump are sourced from Big River Highland Beef in the Derwent Valley who have an ownership stake in the business. We recently bought an aged porterhouse still on the bone which was roasted over an open fire and it was absolutely delicious!

Beef aging in the Huon Valley Meat window

Cuts of goat are brought in from Leap Farm (who also make delicious goat cheeses under the Tongola brand) and we have seen neck and rolled breast in the shop. Derwent Estate Dorper lamb mince, lamb rump and lamb best end chops have all been available from a vineyard in the Derwent Valley where the animals are used to reduce the weeds between the vines.

Since Huon Valley Meat Company is generally buying whole carcasses you can get any cut you like if you order ahead. This is a great service!

Additional information

Street: 89 Goulburn St

Town/Suburb: West Hobart, 7000

Phone number: +61 428 557 004

Opening hours: Tue – Fri 10am – 6pm, Sat 9am – 2pm