York Town Organics: Robust vegetables


York Town Organics produces some of the best organic vegetables in Tasmania. Situated up a corrugated road just north of Beaconsfield in the Tamar Valley, Bruce and Clare Jackson have shown just how hard work and dedication can lead to extraordinarily high quality produce.

We have been promoting organic agriculture for decades and it is great to see the quality of the products here. We should add that there are some serious underlying reasons why we are so committed to eating organic produce as far as possible.

We are currently preparing an article which we will publish on this site which sets out our reasons for rejecting produce which has been subjected to systemic sprays and other non-organic treatments.

We took the photo below some years ago, but we like it so much that we thought that we would include it in this story.

York Town Organics
Old sign to York Town Organics

They make it clear through their mission statement what they are trying to achieve:

York Town Organics is a boutique, certified organic farm pioneered by Bruce and Clare Jackson almost three decades ago. Their desire for self sufficiency and environmental preservation spiralled into a passion for producing quality organic baby vegetables, salad leaves, herbs and berries. 

Their produce is certified by NASAA.

We just love their baby beet sprouts, their huge tomatoes which are in season for just a couple of weeks, their flavoursome baby carrots and their bags of salad greens which have an intensity of flavour that you will not find elsewhere.

York Town Organics at Eumarrah
York Town Organics products at Eumarrah in Hobart

You can often find some of their produce at the Hill Street Grocer shops throughout the state as well as selected other shops such as Alps and Amici in Launceston and Eumarrah in Hobart.

They also have their own store if you are in the area. Here you can buy their delicious jams (they often have both strawberry and raspberry), packs of micro-salads, packs of herbs such as dill, garlic, Japanese turnips, baby Cos lettuce (we like to use these as vessels for our hummus) and much more.

Additional information

Street: 120 Bowens Road

Town/Suburb: York Town, 7270

Phone number: +61 3 6383 4624

Opening hours: Mon – Sat from 10am

You can find out more about York Town Organics and admire some of their produce photos by clicking on the link below:

York Town Organics