Eumarrah Organic Food Store: Perfect Tomatoes

Eumarrah – Introduction

Eumarrah in Hobart is a friendly place where you can locate many good organic products such as nuts, fruits, fresh vegetables, flour, pulses and other kitchen basics such as the organic non-roasted muesli.

It is a good place to find the highly-prized Elgaar Farm certified organic products such as their fabulous yoghurt, sour cream and milk.

Over the past year the quality of the fruit and vegetables has improved considerably and much of it is sourced locally, although they now sell conventional (ie products that may have been sprayed) so you need to observe the signs carefully if you want to avoid these.

One of the most constant of the suppliers has been Yorktown Organics which we have featured on this site (here). The following photo shows their greens in the display cooler.

York Town Organics vegetables at Eumarrah
York Town Organics vegetables at Eumarrah

Another has been Tasmanian Natural Garlic and Tomatoes with their 130 different varieties of tomatoes some of which are shown below.

Tasmanian Natural Garlic and Tomatoes at Eumarrah
Tasmanian Natural Garlic and Tomatoes at Eumarrah

We shop here quite often and definitely when the tomatoes are in season. But they also have a great range of other organic products including organic yoghurt (including the Elgaar yoghurt), various butter options, organic rolled oats from Kindred Organics, the excellent bread from Summer Kitchen Bakery at Ranelagh, lots of organic flours and much more.

If you can’t find something, make sure you ask as the staff are very helpful.

We have noticed a new energy in the shop with the staff being very engaging. It is a welcome sign.

Their Facebook site contains some useful information: