Miellerie Honey: Tasmania’s finest


Miellerie Honey is the brainchild of French-born Yves Ginat. He has established his unfiltered, unheated honey in the top echelons of the state’s produce due to its depth of flavour and the finesse of the product.

The honey is neither heated nor filtered – rather it is cold-extracted. Because it is not filtered there will be some particles of honeycomb and pollen present but this only adds to the charm of the product. We think it is one of the best honey products we have tried in some time.

There are a few different flavours including Prickly Box (which we use for cooking – it is wonderful as a sweetener for rhubarb), Lake Pedder Nectar, Blue Gum, Tea Tree and the iconic Leatherwood with its strong and distinctive flavour that is best spread onto warm toast.

Yves has, more recently, started producing a honey based on the native shrub called kunzea. We were introduced to this amazing plant by Paulette from Provenance Growers and have regularly used it as an infusion for ice cream.

The plant produces either pink or white flowers depending on the variant. Yves is exposing his bees to this complex shrub on the East Coast of Tasmania to produce a honey which he enigmatically calls Wine Glass of Honey.

Kunzea flowers Miellerie Honey
Kunzea flowers

We will let him use his own words to describe it:

The Lady Kunzea of the Coast dances from Flinders Island to Wine Glass Bay. She welcomes the dawn of Tasmania for the arrival of Summer. Her little pink buds burst open like a thousand, sparkling stars! Now, her white blossom shines like velvet lace, where land meets sea.

Wine Glass of Honey

And, by the way, the word miellerie means ‘honey house’ in French.

Additional information

Street: 59 Cripps Road

Town/Suburb: Woodbridge, 7162

Phone number: +61 3 6267 1779

You can read more about the production of Miellerie Honey and where to buy it by going to their Web site through the link below:

Miellerie Honey