Tasmanian Butter Company: Cultured butter


The Tasmanian Butter Company, the brainchild of Olivia Morrison, is producing excellent cultured butter taking advantage of the first class dairy produce available in Tasmania. The key to the wonderful flavour is that the cream is cultured before churning.

Tasmanian Butter Company Cultured Butter
Tasmanian Butter Company Cultured Butter

If you want to try this at home you can simply add a little probiotic yoghurt to the cream and let it stand in a warm place for about 24 hours. This will give a pleasant “zing” to the cream which will carry over to the butter.

Professionals use carefully selected cultures to ensure that the flavour they want in the butter is controlled.

Once this product appeared on the market we basically gave up making our own butter because this one is just so good!

They also make very good buttermilk and ghee. The butter is also used in their smart café called Bread + Butter in Launceston.

You can find their products at Pigeon Whole Bakers in Hobart and Bread + Butter in Launceston.

Additional information

Street: 89 Cimitiere St

Town/Suburb: Launceston, 7250

Phone number: +61 409 836 777

You can find out more about their products by clicking on the link below to their Web site:

Tasmanian Butter Company