Two Metre Tall – Great Natural Beers


Background to Two Metre Tall

The Two Metre Tall Company is a farm that not only makes excellent natural beers but also grows the ingredients that are used to make the beer.

Ashley and Jane Huntington also have a bar which opens on a weekly basis from Spring to Autumn where you can sample the delightful beverages hand pumped right where they are made! (Check their web site for details.)

We love their mission statement that lays bare what they are trying to do and gives a nod to the time they spent in the Languedoc as winemakers there.

To assist in the return of beer in Australia from the wasteland of industrial brewing and corporate marketing bullshit to its true origins as an agricultural food of unparalleled history, diversity and flavour. And this from a qualified and internationally experienced winemaker!!

We think that their beer is the best in Tasmania and among the best in Australia. And this from a former winemaker who was the head winemaker for BRL Hardy at their vineyard in the Languedoc called Domaine de la Baume – hence the reason he was able to converse fluently with Philippe Bornard as described below. Jane also has a background in French having taught it for a number of years.

You will need to look for the signs to their farm which is about 10 kilometres past New Norfolk in between Hayes and Rosegarland.

Two Metre Tall Natural Beers
Jane pouring us a Sour Cherry Ale

Natural beers and ciders

They have a number of beer and cider products including Forester Pale Ale, Huon Dark Ale, Derwent Clear Ale, Derwent Aromatic Spelt Ale, a stunning barrel-fermented Sour Cherry Ale, Huon Farmhouse Dry Apple Cider, a perry known as Poire and Two Metre Tall Cleansing Ale all of which are delightful, interesting and well-crafted drinks.

We must admit to having a particular fondness for the Sour Cherry Ale which is definitely in the ranks of natural beers.

This complex beast is the result of wild ferments which take up to two years to reach a stage where Ashley can transfer some to oak barrels containing Morello Cherries picked just across the river from the farm. The ferments then start again and can take up to 8 months to complete. Eventually it is bottled! This is a drink of considerable textural and flavour complexity.

By the way if you are looking to try some of these beers a good place to visit to try them if you can’t get to the farm is Tom McHugo’s hotel in Hobat.

We are particularly impressed with the fact that Ashley and Jane are now fermenting many of their beers naturally. We find that this process (which may take longer and may make unexpected turns and twists) ultimately produces beers that are far more interesting and which are far more complex than beers that have been forced through the process with commercial yeasts.

We recently had an amazing experience when we took the Bornard family from the Jura in France to Two Metre Tall. Philippe, who we have worked with for over a decade importing his delicious wines, is always curious about everything especially making beverages naturally.

We watched as Ashley bounded in, shook hands with Philippe and then then proceeded to tell him all about their operation in fluent French for over two hours. The photo below was taken during this marathon.

Ashley is on the right, Philippe on the left

Philippe was accompanied by his two adult children, Tony who has now taken over the vigneron duties at Domaine Bornard and Charlene who is a very talented designer working in Lyon.

Charlene and friend at one of the picnic tables

And their work has now been recognised by one of our favourite restaurants on the planet – Burnt Ends in Singapore, who now have Two Metre Tall natural beers on their beverage list.

Additional information

Street: 2862 Lyell Highway

Town/Suburb: Hayes, 7140

Phone number: +61 3 6261 1930

Opening hours: Farm Bar Thu – Mon 12 – 4:30 pm (note check their Web site for Monday hours)

To discover more about this important farm and brewery click on the link below:

Two Metre Tall