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Arundel Farm – Derwent Valley

First to the location of Arundel Farm! Arundel Farm is located in the Derwent Valley, just over 50 kilometres north-west of Hobart. It is not very far from the Two Metre Tall property and quite close to the town of Bushy Park, but on the other side of the river.

If you are visiting the Derwent Valley it is quite a good idea to do the circuit from New Norfolk to Two Metre Tall to try their sensational natural beer and then cross the river at Bushy Park to admire the view then drive back down the other side of the Derwent River through Plenty and the Salmon Ponds to the Agrarian Kitchen in New Norfolk. It is a pleasant drive.

The farm is owned by Fiona Hume whose family have owned the farm since 1893. It is an interesting farm because it runs both cattle and sheep with the flock of English Leicester sheep being possibly the largest in Australia. They also run Cormo sheep for wool and a flock for lamb meat.

Additional information

Additional information

Name: Arundel Farm

Town: Macquarie Plains

Postcode: 7140

You can find mre information on their Web site here.