Blue Lagoon – Delicious Oysters

Blue Lagoon – Introduction

Blue Lagoon is one of only a few oyster producers in Tasmania that specialises in the production of native Ostrea Angasi oysters as well as the ubiquitous Pacific Oysters (including the rarer golden shelled variety).

There are two interesting issues relating to the Blue Lagoon operation. The first is their commitment to the production of the native Angasi oysters (the oysters with the flat shells) and the second is their use of both tidal and inter-tidal zones to develop the oysters.

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon Premises

The oysters are raised in the clear, clean waters between Marion Bay and Dunalley with the oysters being either submerged entirely or submerged during high tide only depending on their stage of development (the difference between being in subtidal or intertidal zones).

Another very good service they provide is being open every day of the week with extended hours at the weekend, making it a good destination for a leisurely drive from Hobart on the way to or from the historic Tasman Peninsula.

Additional information

Street: 98 Bay Road

Town/Suburb: Boomer Bay, 7177

Phone number: +61 407 948 120

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 11am – 3pm, Friday & Saturday 8am – 5pm, Sunday 8am – 4pm

You can read more about the techniques they use to raise their oysters on their Web site here.