Elgaar Farm: Great Dairy Products


Elgaar Farm is a shining example of what can be achieved through organic farm practices. The Gretschmann family produces milk from their Jersey cows with cream that sits proudly in the mouth of each old-fashioned glass milk bottle. They farm totally organically and never use pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.

From their deeply-flavoured milk to their tangy yoghurt to the thick, rich cream, all of their products are very special. Their aged cheddar which ripens for between 9 and 18 months is also deeply-flavoured.

Elgaar Farm products are in very strong demand in Tasmania, Melbourne and Sydney and they cannot keep up the supply to all of the outlets who want to stock their products thus indicating that more and more farmers should be converting to organic agriculture where the price premium is higher and the demand is also higher.

You can find Elgaar Farm at the Hobart Farm Gate Market on Sunday mornings where a selection of their cheeses is on display. No vacuum-packed slices here but instead whole wheels of crumbly cheddar and silky ‘Elgaarthal’ and intriguing Ruby which has been washed.

They are also at the Harvest Launceston market on Saturday mornings.

Also look out for the excellent rolled oats and their own muesli mix from the related business called The Grain Family.

Additional information

Street: PO Box 17

Town/Suburb: Deloraine, 7300

Phone number: +61 3 6368 1227

Opening hours: Farm Gate Market, Hobart and Harvest Market, Launceston