Tasmania is surrounded by cool ocean waters with a plentiful supply of abalone, crayfish, scallops, sea urchin and many varieties of fin fish. Unfortunately, the regulations are such that it is often easier for owners of fishing boats to sell their catch to the Melbourne fish markets rather than filling out the paper work for selling to individual restaurants.
Another problem is that there is not a central fish market in Tasmania that can act as a focal point for fish sales within the state.


Strait Off the Boat: Great Fish and Chips

A note about fish and chips Fresh fish and chips should be a hallmark of the Tasmanian tourism experience. The island is surrounded by cool ocean waters that harbour many different species of fish and potatoes are a favourite vegetable grown in all parts of the state. The problem is […]

Blackman Bay Oysters

Blackman Bay Oysters are among our favourite oysters in Tasmania and possibly Australia. They are carefully, and scientifically raised and the results are delicious!

Freycinet Marine Farm

Freycinet Marine Farm

The Freycinet Marine Farm has been operating for almost 20 years now. You can visit here to purchase oysters to eat at one of the outside tables or to take away. But there is more than just oysters. This simple café serves oysters which are prepared a number of ways, […]

Spring Bay Seafoods

Spring Bay Seafoods

Spring Bay Seafoods is carefully managed by Philip Lamb to ensure that they maintain their reputation as one of the leading and most innovative seafood producers in the country. Spring Bay became the first Australian company and one of the first seafood companies in the world to win international Friend […]


The Wharf Fish and Chips

The Wharf Fish and Chips at The Gulch in Bicheno is one of the most beguiling places to eat fresh fish in Tasmania. All the fish is fresh and you can choose the piece you would like them to cook. You can even gorge on a freshly cooked crayfish! This […]


Dunalley Fish Market

♥ The Dunalley Fish Market in Tasmania’s south-east is a perfect place to stop on the way to or the way back from the Port Arthur historic site. They specialise in fresh, local fish sold directly to them by the people who catch them – something of a rarity in […]