Tasmania is surrounded by cool ocean waters with a plentiful supply of abalone, crayfish, scallops, sea urchin and many varieties of fin fish. Unfortunately, the regulations are such that it is often easier for owners of fishing boats to sell their catch to the Melbourne fish markets rather than filling out the paper work for selling to individual restaurants.
Another problem is that there is not a central fish market in Tasmania that can act as a focal point for fish sales within the state.

Masaaki Geeveston

Masaaki – Perfect Sushi and Sashimi

Masaaki – Geeveston Tasmanians have been very lucky to have access to the excellent sushi and sashimi lovingly prepared by Masaaki Koyama who came to Tasmania many years ago (around 15 to be more precise) from the prefecture of Wakayama in Japan which lies just south of the busy city […]