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Bread and Butter Overview

Bread + Butter Launceston - Tasmania

Bread and Butter is a wonderful café in Launceston, opened by Olivia and Rob from the Tasmanian Butter Company who make some of Australia’s best cultured butter. Originally in Cimitiere Street, they have now moved to revamped premises in Elizabeth Street directly opposite Prince’s Square – a building we know well from the past!

Everything springs from the butter. We can do no better than to use their own words to describe how they make the butter which we regards as being an essential staple for our cooking.

Our small batch butter is made using cultured cream. This is done slowly using traditional methods, then it’s churned, hand-worked and salted to perfection. This is our labour of love, our ode to the savoury, the creamy, the mighty goodness of butter.

All the pastries, including the croissants are made with Olivia’s own butter, we suspect a unique situation in Australia. It’s also a serious bakery.

At lunch have the house-made baguette with generous amounts of butter plus the day’s filling (the pickled carrots that were part of ours were especially good) or pieces of suitably dressed focaccia-like bread.

At breakfast as well as croissants, toast slices of sourdough bread at your table’s toaster, then swathe the toast, which was cooked to your preference, with Olivia’s butter and some very good jam.

And enjoy the luxury of fabric serviettes, an essential requirement when these is so much butter involved, which so easily could have been paper but aren’t. No wonder it’s so busy!!

Bread and Butter – Coffee

We should also make a specific mention of the coffee here. It is not just a sideshow to the main event but a serious player that is treated with respect. They source the coffee from some of the best suppliers in Australia and have a deep knowledge of the growing, processing and roasting of the coffee to ensure that what ends up in the cup is the best possible.

If we need a coffee while in Launceston, Bread and Butter is the first place we head for. You can also buy bags of the roasted beans to take away.

Additional information

Street: 70 Elizabeth Street

Town/Suburb: Launceston, 7250

Phone number: +61 3 6124 2299

Opening hours: Breakfast and lunch daily

For more information you can visit their Facebook page by clicking on the link below:

Bread + Butter

We have also included Bread and Butter is our survey of the Best of Launceston.