In the Producers category we remarked that the biggest change in the last thirty years has been the emergence of dozens of excellent organic producers who supply today’s restaurants with quality cool climate produce from which the chefs can build exceptional dishes.
Over the past thirty years we have noticed many changes in the offerings of restaurants throughout the state. As we have mentioned above, the biggest change has been the improvement in the quality of the produce used by restaurants such as vegetables, fruit, honey, olive oil, canola oil, milk, grains and meat.
Unfortunately, some of the most highly regulated products such as fish and cheese have not seen an increase in the quality. Despite the advertising it is very difficult for tourists to be able to buy freshly caught, non-frozen seafood in Tasmania and it is almost impossible to buy cheese made from raw milk with the exception of C2 from the Bruny Island Cheese Company.
We have published a separate article about the changes in restaurants over the past thirty or more years that we have been involved to highlight the highs in the industry and to celebrate the changes that have occurred.


Providence Farm Stall: An Enticing Cafe

Providence Farm Stall has morphed into a pleasant cafe where the food is cooked with care and skill and the high ceilings and large windows provide luminosity inside and great views over Bass Strait. The staff are very efficient and caring and seem anxious to ensure that you enjoy the […]


Strait Off the Boat: Great Fish and Chips

A note about fish and chips Fresh fish and chips should be a hallmark of the Tasmanian tourism experience. The island is surrounded by cool ocean waters that harbour many different species of fish and potatoes are a favourite vegetable grown in all parts of the state. The problem is […]

Sawak Cafe Hobart

Sawak Cafe: Tasty Malaysian Food

Sawak Cafe is a small take-away and café serving pleasant Malaysian food that has some influence from Sarawak where the chef hails from. They also do a very good Nasi Lemak (our go to dish) with crunchy ikan bilis (dried anchovies), egg, maybe a rendang curry or a fish curry […]


Migrant Resource Centre

The Tasmanian Migrant Resource Centre has a wonderful facility at the Glenorchy football oval, of all places, where they run a kitchen and cafe which is accessible by anyone who wants to enjoy the food cooked and served by a diverse range of recent migrants, some of whom have come […]

Stillwater entrance

Stillwater Restaurant

♥♥ Stillwater Restaurant has been a stalwart of the Launceston restaurant scene for many years. They have maintained their impeccable standards of food and service over this period and walking in there now you still feel the energy that is a hallmark of this place. During that time it has […]

Freycinet Marine Farm

Freycinet Marine Farm

The Freycinet Marine Farm has been operating for almost 20 years now. You can visit here to purchase oysters to eat at one of the outside tables or to take away. But there is more than just oysters. This simple café serves oysters which are prepared a number of ways, […]

Sonny wine menu

Sonny: A wine bar

♥ Corona Update Sonny has changed their model following the Corona shutdown. They still allow some takeaways, but are now operating as a full service bar/restaurant which reduces their ability to provide takeaways. Now it’s a highly personalised dining experience for just 10 people (tables of 2 only), book in […]


Pigeon Hole Cafe

♥ Pigeon Hole Cafe is run by Richard and Belinda Weston from Weston Farm. There is a new chef who was appointed after the departure of Steve Cumper to take on new challenges. Steve also played a very strong cake game and the display cabinet continues to be packed with […]


Smokey Joe’s Creole Café

♥♥ Smokey Joe’s Creole Café is an ideal place to go if you want a no-fuss meal that is packed with flavour. The food cuts a swathe across the southern states of the United States and then down into Mexico and beyond to places such as Cuba although on our […]


The Wharf Fish and Chips

The Wharf Fish and Chips at The Gulch in Bicheno is one of the most beguiling places to eat fresh fish in Tasmania. All the fish is fresh and you can choose the piece you would like them to cook. You can even gorge on a freshly cooked crayfish! This […]