Northern Region Producers

This category covers producers in the North of Tasmania.


Fork it Farm: Pork Products

Daniel and Kim Croker have established the 25 hectare Fork it Farm near Lebrina in the state’s north. Here they raise pigs ethically and create very tasty pork products. They have relocated from Brisbane where Daniel worked as a scientist at Queensland University (he has a doctorate in biomedical science) […]

Felds Farm towards Mt Arthur

Felds Farm: Great Vegetables

Lauren and Michael Layfield set up Felds Farm on dry land near Bagdad in the south and came to the attention of food lovers for the quality of their vegetables and for their crusty loaves of sourdough bread that they sold at the Bream Creek Market. But this part of […]

Tasmanian Truffles trees

Tasmanian Truffles

In our restaurant guide A Food Lovers Guide to Tasmania, the 1998 edition did not have a single mention of truffles because none had been harvested in the state at that time. However our 2000 edition did report on the success that the Terry family was having on their farm […]

Tamar Valley Organic – great walnuts

Tamar Valley Organic is a producer of the best walnuts in Tasmania. They are soft and creamy with strong shells that keep them fresh. There are approximately 1900 walnut trees planted on about 5 hectares which are now 15 years old. We buy them from Michelle and Paul at the […]

Strellyfield at Farm Gate Market

Strelleyfield Ducks – Free Range

Strelleyfield is a producer of free range ducks run by a former chicken farmer, Matthew Crane. We first came across Matthew at the Farm Gate Market which is held every Sunday morning in Hobart. We were impressed with the firmness of the flesh (from being free range), we liked the […]

Newry Farm Asparagus

Newry Farm: Stunning Asparagus

Newry Farm is a grower of wonderful asparagus that is farmed without the use of synthetic sprays. We buy the asparagus from the Harvest Market in Launceston or the Harvest Feast stall at the Salamanca Market. They have also recently been supplying the Harvest Feast stall at Salamanca Market with […]

Tasmanian Butter Company

Tasmanian Butter Company

♥♥♥ The Tasmanian Butter Company is producing excellent cultured butter taking advantage of the first class dairy produce available in Tasmania. The key to the wonderful flavour is that the cream is cultured before churning. If you want to try this at home you can simply add a little probiotic […]


Tasmanian Natural Garlic & Tomatoes

♥♥♥ Annette and Nevil Reed of Tasmanian Natural Garlic & Tomatoes produce high quality garlic on their Selbourne farm. The garlic bulbs are purple in colour and are noticeable because of their plumpness and weight. The cloves are fresh and juicy and full of flavour. They market their products directly […]

York Town Organics at Eumarrah

York Town Organics

♥♥ York Town Organics produces some of the best organic vegetables in Tasmania. Situated up a corrugated road just north of Beaconsfield in the Tamar Valley, Bruce and Clare Jackson have shown just how hard work and dedication can lead to extraordinarily high quality produce. Their produce is certified by […]