The most significant change in Tasmania over the past thirty years in the rise and rise of primary producers. When we published the first edition of A Food Lovers Guide to Tasmania in 1988 we did not identify a single producer of vegetables because no fruit or vegetable retailer identified the producer and no restaurant mentioned the producer on the menu.
Now, we have the luxury of having many organic producers throughout the state supplying our best restaurants and key retailers such as Harvest Feast who proudly identify the producers for their customers. In fact we find it very easy to source every vegetable we need from a small Tasmanian organic producer whether it is high quality leeks or fennel bulbs (and sometimes cardoons) from Seven Springs Farm at remote Lorinna, broad beans, radishes, lettuces and beetroot from the wonderful Provenance Growers at Neika, the best tomatoes we have ever eaten in Tasmania from Annette and Nevil Reed of Tasmanian Natural Garlic & Tomatoes, beautiful potatoes and pumpkins from the legendary Tony Scherer of Rocky Top Farm, stunning carrots from Fat Carrot Farm, asparagus and artichokes from the Little Red Hen and bright red rhubarb from Newry Farm to name but a few.


Fork it Farm: Pork Products

Daniel and Kim Croker have established the 25 hectare Fork it Farm near Lebrina in the state’s north. Here they raise pigs ethically and create very tasty pork products. They have relocated from Brisbane where Daniel worked as a scientist at Queensland University (he has a doctorate in biomedical science) […]

Felds Farm towards Mt Arthur

Felds Farm: Great Vegetables

Lauren and Michael Layfield set up Felds Farm on dry land near Bagdad in the south and came to the attention of food lovers for the quality of their vegetables and for their crusty loaves of sourdough bread that they sold at the Bream Creek Market. But this part of […]

Tasmanian Truffles trees

Tasmanian Truffles

In our restaurant guide A Food Lovers Guide to Tasmania, the 1998 edition did not have a single mention of truffles because none had been harvested in the state at that time. However our 2000 edition did report on the success that the Terry family was having on their farm […]

Willie Smith's Apple Shed

Willie Smith’s Apple Shed: Organic Cider

The Apple Shed is a bar, a café and a museum dedicated to the history and future of apples in the Huon Valley and also to apple cider – a particular passion of the owners Andrew Smith and Sam Reid who produce the Willie Smith’s Organic Cider range. The bar […]

Little Red Hen blackboard

Little Red Hen: Great Vegetables

Little Red Hen has been a long-time fixture at the Farm Gate Market, selling attractive vegetables and even more attractive flowers. This stall is usually our first stop because, depending on the season, they have very desirable offerings that are difficult to locate elsewhere, especially of the same quality. We […]

Tamar Valley Organic – great walnuts

Tamar Valley Organic is a producer of the best walnuts in Tasmania. They are soft and creamy with strong shells that keep them fresh. There are approximately 1900 walnut trees planted on about 5 hectares which are now 15 years old. We buy them from Michelle and Paul at the […]

Blackman Bay Oysters

Blackman Bay Oysters are among our favourite oysters in Tasmania and possibly Australia. They are carefully, and scientifically raised and the results are delicious!

Strellyfield at Farm Gate Market

Strelleyfield Ducks – Free Range

Strelleyfield is a producer of free range ducks run by a former chicken farmer, Matthew Crane. We first came across Matthew at the Farm Gate Market which is held every Sunday morning in Hobart. We were impressed with the firmness of the flesh (from being free range), we liked the […]

Freycinet Marine Farm

Freycinet Marine Farm

The Freycinet Marine Farm has been operating for almost 20 years now. You can visit here to purchase oysters to eat at one of the outside tables or to take away. But there is more than just oysters. This simple café serves oysters which are prepared a number of ways, […]