There are some extraordinary food and related shops in Tasmania ranging from small roadside stalls selling fresh, organic produce to large, supermarket-style outlets like the Hill Street stores that sell a wide range of top quality products.

Spice World Bank Arcade Hobart

Spice World: A local treasure

Spice World is a star on the Hobart food scene. Those in the know come here for the vast range of spices that are now available. If you about to prepare a dish and suddenly find that you are out of ajwan seeds or your asafoetida powder is past its […]


Bayside Meats

Bayside Meats is a specialist retailer in Lower Sandy Bay that always has something of interest in the enticing display fridges. We are very lucky in Hobart to have four excellent meat retailers that ensure that if we want a particular cut of meat then we know that one of […]

Apiece Harvest Market

Apiece Sourdough Bakery

Apiece Sourdough Bakery produces fantastic, real sourdough in an unassuming space in an unassuming shopping mall in Ravenswood which is a suburb of Launceston. However it is now on our must-visit list for the wonderful loaves of bread, the pizza slices and the pastries that are lovingly made here. We […]

Unpacked entrance

Unpacked: Organics in Kingston

Unpacked is still operating but the times of opening have changed. At the time of writing this they are not open on Sundays and are starting later at 9am on the other days. Check their informative Facebook page for the latest details.

Huon Valley Meat Company sign

Huon Valley Meat Company

During the lockdown the opening hours may vary from those provided at the end of this article, however they are definitely operating and we have been buying amazing, fatty pork belly which we have been poaching in masterstock and then crisping up to accompany all sorts of dishes. The Huon […]


Alps & Amici: A Great Food Store

Alps and Amici is a converted, existing shop in East Launceston run by Daniel and Sally Alps. It looks stylish and the range of foods on offer is impressive and well-chosen. We like the fact that the vegetables are not refrigerated but, instead, displayed in wooden wine boxes with extremely […]


Anvers Chocolates

Igor van Gerwen’s House of Anvers has something for everybody. Garden lovers will be enthralled by the sweeping gardens full of interesting trees. Those in search of a snack and a coffee can take advantage of the outdoor tables to savour their experience. Those interested in the history and practice […]


Tasmanian Natural Garlic & Tomatoes

♥♥♥ Annette and Nevil Reed of Tasmanian Natural Garlic & Tomatoes produce high quality garlic on their Selbourne farm. The garlic bulbs are purple in colour and are noticeable because of their plumpness and weight. The cloves are fresh and juicy and full of flavour. They market their products directly […]


Pigeon Whole Bakers

♥♥♥ Pigeon Whole Bakers is run by Emma and Jay Patey who used to own the Pigeon Hole café in West Hobart. They are in the revitalised Mercury building in central Hobart where they have a retail presence. They produce great loaves of sourdough, wonderful fruit loaves, spelt bread, crusty […]