Hobart coffee


Shake a Leg Jr

Shake a Leg Jr is a very good café serving excellent coffee (try the High Beam blend) and tasty pastries (Pigeon Whole Bakery, of course) in Moonah which is an outer suburb of Hobart where many young hipsters are moving to take advantage of slightly more affordable housing. The café […]


Pigeon Hole Cafe

♥ Pigeon Hole Cafe is run by Richard and Belinda Weston from Weston Farm. There is a new chef who was appointed after the departure of Steve Cumper to take on new challenges. Steve also played a very strong cake game and the display cabinet continues to be packed with […]

Yellow Bernard

Yellow Bernard

♥♥♥ Corona Update Yellow Bernard reopened on the 25th May as a takeaway only venue but also with slightly more restrictive hours (7am – 2pm). We wish them well.


Sash Coffee

♥♥♥ Sash Coffee is providing a takeaway service for their delicious coffee during the lockdown. The following review was written prior to the lockdown, but serves to explain why we like this venue very much.