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Agent Cooper Glenorchy Coffee

Agent Cooper: Excellent coffee

Agent Cooper Background Agent Cooper in Glenorchy, an offshoot of Shake a Leg Jr in Moonah, reflects two converging, yet previously totally separate, groups. The first is the hipsters who are gradually moving further out into the suburbs due to rental pressures in Hobart. The second is the people who […]

Shake a Leg Jr Moonah Coffee

Shake a Leg Jr

Shake a Leg Jr is a very good café serving excellent coffee (try the High Beam blend) and tasty pastries (Pigeon Whole Bakery, of course) in Moonah which is an outer(ish) suburb of Hobart where many young hipsters are moving to take advantage of slightly more affordable housing. The café […]


Pigeon Hole Cafe

♥ Pigeon Hole Cafe introduction Pigeon Hole Cafe is run by Richard and Belinda Weston from Weston Farm. They have recently hired gun chef Peter Cooksley to introduce exciting new dishes. Peter was previously the head chef in the downstairs section of one of our favourite restaurants in Melbourne, namely […]

Yellow Bernard

Yellow Bernard

♥♥♥ Corona Update Yellow Bernard reopened on the 25th May as a takeaway only venue but also with slightly more restrictive hours (7am – 2pm). We wish them well.


Sash Coffee: Great Coffee

♥♥♥ Sash Coffee is a great place in the centre of Sandy Bay for sourcing an early coffee (they open at 6am on work days and 7am on weekends) of considerable quality. It is a very small space with just two tables and a bench in front and some seats […]