Fresh Flavour Farm – Stunning Fruit and Vegetables

Fresh Flavour Farm – Introduction

Fresh Flavour Farm

This is the sign to look for each Sunday morning for some of the best fruit and vegetables we have seen at the local markets.

We have been delighted to peruse the offerings from this stall in the short time it has been appearing at the Sunday Market in Hobart.

There are a number of attractions here. First, and to us the most important, is that the fruit and vegetables are grown without the use of pesticides and fungicides. Next is the fact that the fruit and vegetables look beautiful and are presented with care and attention. Third we would like to draw attention to their two children who assist them each week – they do an excellent job tirelessly ensuring that the displays are looking perfect and also in assisting people with questions about the produce.

Last, and certainly not least, their name is very apt, as the flavour of all the produce we have purchsed at this stand has been excellent.

We have recently been buying beautiful figs, cucumbers and tomatoes which won’t last for too much longer, but you will see from the photos below how good they look.

Make sure you turn up early! As soon as the opening bell sounds a long queue forms. However it moves quite quickly so you don’t have to wait for too long.

Beautiful figs at the Fresh Flavour Farm shown above.

Roma Tomatoes

Two colours of Roma Tomatoes from Fresh Flavour Farm.


Fresh cucumbers from Fresh Flavour Farm.

Cherry Tomatoes

We have really enjoyed their produce and have had lots of interesting dishes using them. Just opposite their stand at the market you will find the Elgaar stand which is reliably there every week. They sell and very delicious porridge mixture comrising grains that they grow organically on their property. It doesn’t take very long to cook this porridge (we soak it overnight) and we then slice up some of the figs pictured above to make a great combination.

For the tomatoes we have been enjoying adding the Fresh Flavour Farm tomatoes to a risotto created with Acquerello rice for a special treat. We have also been using them in salads for much longer than usual into Autumn.

To make the risotto, chop an onion finely and heat some olive oil and then slowly cook the onion until it is soft. Chop a clove or two of garlic and add it to the cooked onion and cook for another minute or two. Add a cupful of a very good rice such as the Acquerello and fry it for a couple of minutes. Now add some of the small Fresh Flavour Farm tomatoes (be generous), some chopped fresh herbs and some salt and cook them until they start to break down.

In the meantime heat a couple of cups of chicken stock until just bubbling (we use the Breu stock) and add about a quarter of a cup and cook the rice gently until all the liquid is just incorporated. Add more stock and repeat until the rice has softened (about 15 minutes in all).

Have a cup of Parmesan cheese grated and a couple of tablespoons of butter ready. When the rice is cooked, add the butter and most of the cheese and stir vigorously to incorporate them into the risotto. Serve on flat plates and then sprinkle the remaining cheese over the risotto. Enjoy.

We have written a story about organic producers in Tasmania to help you find a good supply of organic produce and we are adding this supplier into that story due to the quality of their vegetables and fruit. You will find that story here.

If you want to check to see if Fresh Flavour Farm will be at the Sunday Market you will be able to see who is attending here.