Arte-Zans – Strong Vegetables and other treats

Arte-Zans – Introduction

Arte-Zans is a small, but interesting produce shop in Geeveston that also sells a variety of other treats as well. The vegetables are excellent and the baked treats such as melting moments are cooked with skill.

It is housed in the shop/kitchen that used to be the location for Masaaki who we have written about elsewhere on this site. In fact, Masaaki is now on the other side of the road from Arte-Zans where he is slowly restoring an old-ish church building to house his restaurant.

There is a car park available just off Church St where you can park right outside the venue. You will see the bright blue sign and a sign for the local, and very popular, Huon Me Crumpets which they usually have on sale.

When you enter the building you will see the spacious kitchen on the left (where the delicious baked goods are prepared) and then to the right there is the small shop space.

Here you will find the strong-looking vegetables on display, providing you have arrived early as they tend to disappear fairly quickly. On our recent visit we managed to snag the last two corn cobs, for example.

Carrots, beetroot and spring onions – the empty tray held the last two corn cobs which we swooped on!
Here you can see fresh bunches of herbs, more vegetables, the crumpets, local fruit juice and some very tasty grapes
The sign outside provides the opening hours

The baked good include very well-made melting moments, cakes of various types including quince and toffee gingerbread and passionfruit curd tarts, for example.

They have a Facebook page which is worth checking to make sure they will be open before you make the trip down.