Country Tasmania – Exciting Food Treasures

Country Tasmania – Finding interesting food

Let’s start this story with a warning! There is a lot of publicity promulgated in the press and tourism literature about Tasmania being a foodie haven. This is only partly true. There are many great places to eat in Tasmania, but you may not just happen upon them as you drive around our wonderful state – you have to know where to look.

One of the myths that catches people out is that we are surrounded by the sea therefore you will find fresh seafood everywhere as you drive around the state. Nothing could be further from the truth!

It is, in fact, very difficult to find fresh local fish in country Tasmania and certainly you wont find it in any of the small towns. However, you will be able to find good fish and chips at places such as “The Gulch” in Bicheno and at Strait from the Boat in Devonport.

However, if you want fresh fish that you can cook yourself then the best option is to call in to Kyeema Seafoods in Launceston who always have a good selection of freshly caught fish. But you will not find a place like this in any country town.

Some of the places you should make sure you visit in country Tasmania are now highlighted:

If you take the drive from Hobart to Launceston there are two compulsory stops on the way. The first is in the quaint village of Ross (just off the highway). Here you can sit under the trees that line the road and enjoy a filter coffee made from excellent beans roasted in Launceston at a tiny place called Dinki which you can read more about here.

Country Tasmania - Dinki
Dinki in Country Tasmania

Just up the road in Campbell Town, you might want to stop at the book shop near the bridge to explore the treasures held within and then, in summer, try an excellent ice cream made from local produce at Faba Gelateria. You can read their story here.

In the deep south of country Tasmania you will find a great place to eat sushi in Geeveston at the Masaaki takeaway. Masaaki is a dedicated chef who always uses the best possible ingredients. We have been following him for many years now and can thoroughly recommend his work.

While you are there, take the short drive to the Our Mate’s Farm roadside stall to buy some of their organic produce. You can also buy some very good produce and baked goods at Arte-Zans in the town in the space formerly occupied by Masaaki.

On the way down to or back from Geeveston you can call in to Whispering Spirit Farm to purchase some of their organic produce in their self-service stall. It is on a side road on the Huonville side of Franklin.

Also in the south is a real treasure. You will have heard of the Agrarian Kitchen Cooking school and the associated restaurant, but did you know that they also have a wonderful kiosk where you can buy a range of cooked items either for a picnic in the grounds or to take away. The produce here that the items are based on often comes from their amazing garden that sits in a walled area behind the restaurant.

Rodney Dunn beside their impressive corn crop
Amazing radicchio for the takeaway salads

On the East Coast, in Swansea, there is a real treasure! Make sure that your travels take you to this pretty town between Thursday and Sunday. Here you will find an unremarkable looking brick motel right out of the nineteen sixties with a dining room to match. It is called the Waterloo Inn and, the food here, unlike the bricks and mortar, is remarkable! You can read our story about this restaurant here.

Further up the coast you will find the town of Bicheno which not only has the fish and chip venue at The Gulch that is mentioned above, but also has two places serving good coffee. The first is Little Bay Pâtisserie where you can breakfast on good croissants and well-made coffee and the other is Governörs which is an excellent place for coffee and a cake or pastry.

Further north again at the entrance to the otherwise somnolent town of Scamander you will find Swims in a converted container beside the road where the coffee is also very good.

These are just some of the venues that we regularly visit in country Tasmania. We will add more to this country Tasmania story as we get time to make more visits in outlying areas.