Xai Vegetables – Excellent Fresh Produce

Xai Vegetables – Introduction

Xai and her team grow and sell some of the best fresh vegetables in Tasmania. Everything she sells is presented beautifully on her stall.

We are lucky in Tasmania that vegetables grow more slowly than in the rest of Australia. we are also lucky that our winters are very cold and snow and frosts tend to kill a lot of potential diseases during the colder months.

This makes it easier to grow vegetables organically for those who are willing to do the “hard yards” rather then taking shortcuts with sprays.

We have therefore enjoyed seeing the increase in the range of beautifully-presented vegetables from Xai at both the Salamanca Market on Saturday mornings and the Farm Gate Market on Sunday mornings in Hobart.

Blackboard and vegetables at Zai’s stall

During this summer we have been buying beautifully fresh young peas and beans, young onions, fresh tarragon bunches and much more.

We look forward to seeing the range change at Xai Vegetables with the changing seasons.