The Confessional – A Quirky Truck Stop

The Confessional – Introduction

The Confessional is normally a place we would avoid due to the name, however we were intrigued when this place opened beside a (presumably) no longer required church on the Midland Highway.

We arrived without any great expectations, partly because the car park here is absolutely massive and clearly designed for trucks to stop on their way to and from Hobart.

However, when we perused the menu and checked the displays we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the cakes and the choice of pies that were available.

In summary, our coffees were competently made and the sweet treats were very good. We were interested to try one of the pies but the Scallop Pie had already sold out (by 11am) as had the Chunky Steak. So we settled for a Classic Beef which turned out to be minced beef which was OK without being amazing.

Here are some photos.

The Confessional
The roadside sign
A long view
The menu
The pie menu

Additional information

Name: The Confessional

Street: Midland Highway

Town: Epping Forest