Glen Huon Dairy Co – Excellent Milk

The Glen Huon Dairy Co – Introduction

The Glen Huon Dairy Co is the business which operates on Deep Water Farm just outside the tiny Glen Huon village with stunning views to the Huon River and the mountains beyond.

It is an offshoot of the long-running Bruny Island Cheese Co which has been making cheese (including some raw milk cheese) on Bruny Island for many years.

The farm is in a stunning location and not only provides farm tours, but also has a small vegetable garden that provides some of the produce for the Farm Shop. You can also have a picnic here supplemented by some of the produce that is available from the shop.

It is important to note that we are telling the story of this farm because they are certified organic (by NASAA), an important part of providing safe food for consumers.

We should also add that we don’t always insist on certification if we know that a farmer is rigorously applying organic principles to their work, because certification can be expensive and time consuming.

However, if a producer does not have certification we will make sure that we make enquiries about whether they follow organic practices or biodynamic practices and never use systemic sprays either before planting, during the life of the plant or just before harvesting (a process widely used for harvesting wheat, oats and potatoes called desiccation).

Glen Huon Dairy
The entrance to Deep Water Farm

Glen Huon Dairy – What to Expect

This is a working farm. The cattle need to be fed, they need to be milked every day and the farm fences need to be maintained to provide a convivial area for the cattle to enjoy their grazing.

There are three different breeds of cattle on this farm. They are Brown Swiss, Australian Dairy Shorthorn and Normande. Each of these are suitable for the production of milk destined for cheesemaking and their meat is also of prime quality as well. You can see these cows contentedly grazing in the paddocks beyond the Farm Shop.

Cows grazing at Glen Huon Dairy

In order to maintain the organic nature of the farm there are restrictions as to where you go and what you can do. For example, they wouldn’t want someone tramping around the farm wearing boots that they had been wearing on a farm or garden where they have been using systemic sprays.

They overcome these problems by doing guided farm tours which take around two hours which also includes watching the cows being milked.

There are also some small gardens outside the Farm Shop which provides the shop with the fresh vegetables that they sell.

Garden beds of organic produce

And, now to the Farm Shop. It is a small but pleasant structure and it is packed full of things to buy that have come from the various Bruny Island Cheese ventures and from like-minded producers.

The Glen Huon Dairy Farm Shop

The centrepiece of the shop is the large container of fresh milk which you can decant into a container. You can also buy cheese, honey and many other food products including the fresh vegetables depending on the season.

A trip down to the Huon Valley is always a pleasant experience and you can always continue along the road to Ranelagh where one of Tasmania’s best bakers, Summer Kitchen Organic Bakery, sells their bread. The sourdough loaves are organic and delicious.

Additional information

Street: 1092 Glen Huon Rd

Town/Suburb: Glen Huon, 7109

Opening hours: Thu – Sun 10:00am – 3pm

You can read more about the Glen Huon Dairy by clicking on the link to their Web site below:

Glen Huon Dairy