Beansmith – Passionate about coffee

Introduction to Cygnet

Cygnet is certainly becoming a drawcard for food tourists. The Cannery Complex is drawing people from far and wide for their great pizza events and the vegetarian dinners on Saturday nights.

The Cygnet Garden Larder has an interesting range of organic products and always has interesting mushrooms available as they are grown by the owner.

Each Monday there is a small, but exciting, market at the back of the Red Velvet Lounge where you can buy very good organic vegetables as well as delicious pastries and bread from the InGrain bakery.

And now you can also enjoy a cup of coffee and buy expertly roasted beans from Beansmith, which has set up shop behind the Port Cygnet Cannery.

Beansmith – An Introduction

If you drive up to the back of the extensive car parking area behind The Cannery building you will find Beansmith with its array of coffee equipment arrayed around the shop (you can buy espresso machines, a range of bean grinders and some very good filter gear here(.

You will also see, at the back of the space, large bags of green beans from a variety of locations waiting to be roasted in the two large roasters nearby.

Beansmith: Items for Sale

At the front there is a counter where you can order a coffee to enjoy along with the view out over Port Cygnet.

The Beansmith Web site makes it clear what they are trying to achieve:

We believe everyone is served well by a long term and sustainable approach in every aspect of our operation and that anything worth doing, is worth doing properly.

That’s why we buy the best specialty coffees we can from our trusted coffee merchants. These coffees are ethically sourced and sustainably grown. The farmers care for the land which produces these beautiful coffees year after year and they are paid a quality based premium to ensure their efforts are rewarded.

If you want to know more about coffee options in Tasmania you can read our article called Tasmania’s Vibrant Coffee Scene.

Additional information

Street: 60 Lymington Rd

Town/Suburb: Cygnet, 7112

Phone number: +61 416 246 137

Opening hours: Fri – Sat or by appointment