In.Grain Bakery – Organic Delights

In.Grain Bakery – Introduction

In.Grain Bakery is a recent discovery for us. It operates from a room at the side of the well known Red Velvet in Cygnet (24 Mary Street) and operates on Monday afternoon from 3pm until sold out – at the same time as the small vegetable market is also in operation.

This is serious organic bread and is yet another reason to jump in the car and enjoy a drive into the country to stock up on some delicious treats.

In.Grain use only organic flours to make their bread and currently source the flour from the Wholegrain Milling Co and Kialla both of whom supply high quality flours that are perfect for making this type of bread.

We should also mention that they have a very interesting program called the Community Supported Bakery (CSB) which you can join by paying a very fair price of $80 per month, for which you get two loaves of bread and selected pastries each week. Considering that two loaves of bread of this quality will cost almost $20, this represents excellent value for money!

They also have a range of pastries and biscuits available to tempt you as you can see from the Treats menu in the photo below.

In.Grain Bakery menu
In.Grain Bread
In.Grain Pastries

And if that is not enough, they also make absolutely stunning ice cream. On the afternoon we arrived it was made using the organic blueberries from Jilly Grows (whose products were on sale outside in the tiny vegetable market) rounded out with fresh ricotta.

The ice cream was texturally exciting and the flavour derived from the organically grown blueberries was exceptional. Check it out in the photo below!

In.Grain Bakery
Organic Blueberry Ice Cream at In.Grain Bakery

Hobartians are very lucky to have such as broad range of breads available locally. We often drive to New Norfolk to buy a loaf or two from The Agrarian Kitchen along with some of their stunning kefir butter. This is very strong, hydrated bread that lasts right through the week.

There is also the bread from long-term player Summer Kitchen Organic Bakery at Ranelagh who make very good bread using organic products and are certainly worth the journey from Hobart.

And, of course, if you are time poor, what better than to drop into Pigeon Whole Bakery for their excellent breads and pastries. They also serve excellent coffee, so you can buy bread then relax over an espresso and one of their delicious pastries.

But we digress! There is another reason to make the short journey down from Hobart to the In.Grain Bakery. Outside the bakery there is a small but interesting vegetable stall run by The Early Bird Market Garden, and, in season, Jilly sells her delicious organic blueberries here as well. We have been buying Jilly’s blueberries ever since she started growing them and we think they are the best in Tasmania. We don’t know a lot about The Early Bird people but we do know that they are organic so we will find out more about them so we can give them their own entry on the site.

You can read more about In.Grain Bakery at their Web site, which is here.

The Early Bird Market Garden has a Web site which you can see here.