Migrant Resource Centre – Excellent Injera

Migrant Resource Centre – Introduction

The Migrant Resource Centre in suburban Glenorchy is an excellent place to go for vibrant, exciting food prepared by migrants and refugees from many countries.

There are just so many different dishes that we have enjoyed since the Migrant Resource Centre first opened that it is difficult to include them all here. However we will mention a few.

The first we crave is any dish that is based on Injera. This is a bread that is made from teff flour (teff is an ancient seed originally from Ethiopia and Eritrea in Northern Africa). It is a tiny seed that packs a lot of flavour. It can be used as a flour or in salads as you would use quinoa. It has become popular due to its nutty flavour and also because this seed does not contain any glutens.

Now, back to Injera. The bread is made by fermenting the flour for a few days to produce an acidic sourdough. It is then cooked like a crepe, and if it has been fermented properly tiny holes appear in the dough due to the gases escaping. The end result is a thin pancake-like bread that is covered with the characteristic holes.

We first encountered Injera in Washington DC in 1985 at a restaurant called The Red Sea which served dishes from Ethiopia and Eritrea. We were enchanted by the bread and the associated toppings and since that day we had never been able to find an example that had the “sourness” of those at the Red Sea.

Well, now we have. Those served at the Migrant Resource Centre transport us back to the Red Sea every time we eat them, and we eat them every time we visit. We particularly like the Injera with Chicken Dorho.

Injera with chicken

However, there are many other dishes we enjoy there. These include the flat, open lamb pies called Sfiha, a dish called Kitcha Fit Fit that is difficult to describe (it comprises torn, fried flatbread and a sauce topping), a stunning lamb kofta in a sour cherry sauce and a dhal dish from Bhutan that was cooked by Menuka.

Blackboard with dishes of the week

Don’t overlook the pastries that are on sale as well. We usually buy one or two to try later such as the moorish Seewa which is a pastry stuffed with dates.

The Migrant Resource Centre is a pleasant place to enjoy lunch either at the central shared table or one of the three or four smaller tables. The large windows means that there is ample light to make the room cheery on a cold winter day.

You can read more about the work of this important organisation on their Web site which also has their opening hours as well.

Migrant Resource Centre

Additional information

Street: 2/1A Anfield Street

Town/Suburb: Glenorchy, 7010

Phone number: +61 3 6221 0999

Opening hours: Wed – Fri 11:00am – 14:30pm