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Swims Scamander – Introduction

Swims East Coast Coffee has provided an invaluable service of Tasmania’s East Coast. It is simply the best place to stop for a serious coffee roasted by experts and made with care and attention.

We have called in here a couple of times and been delighted with the quality of the espresso coffees we have been served.

As an example, on the most recent occasion we were served an espresso made from beans that had been roasted by Padre Coffee in Melbourne (they also source from Villino in Hobart).

Swims Coffee Scamander
Swims Scamander

The green beans had been sourced from Colombia from a producer called Carmen Jansasoy who farms in the Narino region of Colombia which is in the very south straddling the border with Ecuador.

The beans were Caturra (which is a mutation from Red Bourbon) that had been grown at a relatively high altitude where the temperature swings from high to low as day changes to night.

The end result was a creamy yet bright single origin experience.

They also have some simple snacks that you can enjoy for breakfast (we like the toasties) or a light lunch.

You can read more about Swims on their Website which is here. We have also mentioned them is our story about coffee in Tasmania here.


We have just seen that Swims has now sold after being on the market for some time. They have posted about the sale on their Instagram page which says, in part:

We are stoked to have Jordy and Dan taking the reigns to steer Swims to new and greater heights. They’re going to do a great job. 

Instagram post

Additional information

Street: 1 Steel St

Town/Suburb: Scamander, 7215

Phone number: No phone

Opening hours: Tue – Fri 7:30am – 15:00pm, Sat 8:00am – 14:00, Sun 8:30 – 14:00