Lease 65 – Delicious oysters

Lease 65 – Introduction

Lease 65 oysters can be found at Moulting Bay on the road to Binalong Bay just near St Helens. Here they produce some of the best Pacific Oysters in Tasmania. If the sign is out you can stop here to buy unopened or opened oysters at very appealing prices.

You can inspect the equipment used to harvest and maintain the nearby oyster lease at this location as well as buy the oysters from the friendly staff.

When we ordered a dozen unopened Pacific Oysters recently the guy who was selling them gave us 6 regular ones and then 6 of a slightly different species of the same oyster which was flatter (but not a Belon oyster) and with a frilled shell that had a “hook” where the the top and bottom shells join. When we opened these we found that they had a muscle attached to both the top and bottom part of the shell – very unusual – but totally delicious!

We prefer to buy them unopened because then there is no danger that the briny juices have been washed washed away.

A testimony to the quality of their oysters is the fact that They have been served regularly at Black Cow in Launceston for as long as we can remember.

There is a brief article by food writer Richard Cornish that includes a description of the area where the Lease 65 oysters are produced at the link below.

Three of the Best

Additional information

Street: 444 Binalong Bay Rd

Town/Suburb: St Helens, 7216

Phone number: +61 3 6376 1736

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 9:00 – 16:00, Sat 10:30 – 14:00