Harvest Launceston – A Great Community Farmers’ Market

Harvest Launceston – Introduction

Harvest Launceston is the best produce market in Tasmania due to the quality of the suppliers and the efficient way in which the market is organised.

There is even a friendly smile and a greeting from the staff when you arrive. We also like the fact that it is close to the Bread + Butter cafe so that we can top up our caffeine levels before or after our visits.

We like the mission of the market which this quote from their Web site encapsulates:

The Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market was established to bring the ‘bring the world’s best produce from the producer to the people’. In essence, Harvest Launceston creates a sense of place from a barren carpark to a hub of social exchange that has become a vital asset to local communities.

Harvest Launceston Suppliers

The quality of the suppliers is an important part of the experience here. For organic vegetables and fruit you must visit the stalls of Wouter from Seven Springs Farm and Lauren and Mitch from Felds Farm both of which are among our favourite organic producers in the state.

Seven Springs Farm Cardoons
Felds-Farm-Vegetables at Harvest Market
Felds Farm Vegetables at Harvest Launceston

Two other suppliers that always attend are the related Elgaar Farm and The Grain Family, organic suppliers of high quality products such as organic milk and cream, a range of European-style cheese and excellent yoghurt (Elgaar Farm) and The Grain Family products that include spelt, khorasan flour and spelt pasta that we use all the time in our cooking.

And it is well worth visiting Daniel and Kim Croker at their Fork it Farm stand where their amazing pork products are available. If you want to try their products and can’t make it to the market, then drop into Havilah, a great bar in Charles Street, where they often have the Fork it Farm charcuterie on the menu.

Another organic producer we always head towards is Hillwood Fresh Food Co. where you can always find beautiful mushrooms such as the rare Lion’s Head mushrooms and the Elm Oyster mushrooms. If you want more information about how to cook these excellent products, have a look at our story on Hillwood Fresh Food on this site.

An ever present feature of this market is the stall of Tasmanian Natural Garlic & Tomatoes, one of the most amazing producers of vegetables in Tasmania. They grow over 130 different varieties of tomatoes in addition to their garlic and pepper varieties. The tomatoes are definitely “worth a journey”.

It is also a good idea to buy a loaf or two of bread while you are there. A constant presence is Ian Lowe’s Apiece Sourdough Bakery, one of Tasmania’s finest. Their sourdough loaves are truly first class. But make sure you arrive early because the stand is very popular and some items sell out very quickly.

There is also a young baker who is doing good things making bread without additives, so check out Sandy’s Sourdough where Josh Crisp has a fine selection of bread and related products.

So, these are just some of the suppliers that you will find at the market. It is well worth a visit.

You can check on which suppliers will be attending on any Saturday because their attendance is displayed in red in the suppliers list on their Web site which you can visit by clicking on the link below:

Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market